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Dubai property price index

Dubai property price index

Real estate prices are subject to fluctuations and are regulated by several internal and external factors. A smart buyer or investor is defined by his/her keen insight into these price trends that influence purchasing behaviour and investments.

This report depicts changes in Dubai property prices from 2012 till recently across various areas.

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Dubai property price change (per Sq.ft)
Property price change H1 per area (per Sq.ft)
Al Barsha South FourthCommercial479.82582.84 21.5
Al Barshaa South ThirdCommercial634.151,000.01 57.7
Al Hebiah FirstCommercial600.04500.00 -16.7
Al Hebiah FourthCommercial1,589.06400.00 -74.8
Al Hebiah SecondCommercial-402.38 -
Al Thanyah FifthCommercial624.17558.07 -10.6
Al Thanyah FirstCommercial720.02568.41 -21.1
Al Thanyah ThirdCommercial1,040.461,074.98 3.3
Al Warsan FirstCommercial640.81551.61 -13.9
Burj KhalifaCommercial2,154.481,202.01 -44.2
Business BayCommercial708.66795.13 12.2
Dubai Investment Park FirstCommercial479.67644.68 34.4
Jabal Ali FirstCommercial1,860.63567.06 -69.5
Madinat Al MataarCommercial-1,259.60 -
Marsa DubaiCommercial1,460.971,928.25 32
Property sales volume H1 per area
Al Barsha South FourthCommercial2414 -41.7
Al Barshaa South ThirdCommercial3911 -71.8
Al Hebiah FirstCommercial1175 581.8
Al Hebiah FourthCommercial38 166.7
Al Hebiah SecondCommercial-1 -
Al JadafCommercial33 0
Al Qusais Industrial FifthCommercial-7 -
Al Thanyah FifthCommercial288194 -32.6
Al Thanyah FirstCommercial7425 -66.2
Al Thanyah ThirdCommercial189 -50
Al Warsan FirstCommercial5354 1.9
Al Yelayiss 2Commercial-128 -
Burj KhalifaCommercial511 120
Business BayCommercial672263 -60.9
Dubai Investment Park FirstCommercial282 -92.9