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Dubai property price index

Dubai property price index

Real estate prices are subject to fluctuations and are regulated by several internal and external factors. A smart buyer or investor is defined by his/her keen insight into these price trends that influence purchasing behaviour and investments.

This report depicts changes in Dubai property prices from 2012 till recently across various areas.

Sell, Purchase and Invest in Dubai’s properties with real data, real knowledge.

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Dubai property price change (per Sq.ft)
Property price change H1 per area (per Sq.ft)
Al Barsha FirstApartment-1,300.00 -
Al Barsha South FifthApartment805.29715.76 -11.1
Al Barsha South FourthApartment739.97591.77 -20
Al Barshaa South SecondApartment1,233.741,147.45 -7
Al Barshaa South ThirdApartment796.65953.61 19.7
Al Goze FourthApartment744.69354.29 -52.4
Al Hebiah FifthApartment639.38498.16 -22.1
Al Hebiah FirstApartment686.61581.99 -15.2
Al Hebiah FourthApartment683.76598.90 -12.4
Al Hebiah SecondApartment812.09699.48 -13.9
Al Hebiah SixthApartment-1,223.94 -
Al Hebiah ThirdApartment1,019.44951.83 -6.6
Al JadafApartment1,255.881,258.75 .2
Al Khairan FirstApartment1,644.271,154.71 -29.8
Al KheeranApartment1,120.98922.86 -17.7
Property sales volume H1 per area
Al Barsha FirstApartment14 300
Al Barsha South FifthApartment6517 -73.8
Al Barsha South FourthApartment564518 -8.2
Al Barshaa South SecondApartment2408 -96.7
Al Barshaa South ThirdApartment67374 458.2
Al Goze FourthApartment220207 -5.9
Al Hebiah FifthApartment7096 37.1
Al Hebiah FirstApartment7160 -15.5
Al Hebiah FourthApartment335277 -17.3
Al Hebiah SecondApartment717 -90.1
Al Hebiah SixthApartment-5 -
Al Hebiah ThirdApartment7977 -2.5
Al JadafApartment6338 -39.7
Al Khairan FirstApartment2241 86.4
Al KheeranApartment44215 -96.6